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Pro4 Group

The Pro4 Group has 4 members, all companies who are selling promotional products. We are spread out over The Netherlands and Belgium and have a total turnover of more than 20 million euros.

We organize several marketing activities together; every year we produce the Pro4 catalogue which holds several unique and basic promotional products, all selected on novelty, innovation or price . Sourcing new products has a high priority for Pro4: to obtain the newest information fairs in various countries all over the world are visited to offer the newest, innovative products to our clients.

Service and originality are on a very high level to each company.
Pro4 companies offer full service to their clients, which includes printing, warehousing and handling of all kind.

In short, working with Pro4 members means:

  1. Successful campaigns through innovative products and new ideas
  2. Quality of service
  3. Quality of products
  4. Flexibility
  5. Respect of ethics

These are the names and addresses of the Pro4 members

PO Box 60114
NL 1320 AC  Almere
Tel. 00 31 36 5366438
Fax. 00 31 36 5468775
Benito BV
PO Box 499
NL 5140 AA  Waalwijk
Tel. 00 31 416 336114
Fax. 00 31 416 340263

Mondial Gifts
D’Helst 8 
B 9280 Lebbeke
Tel. 00 32 52409542
Fax. 00 32 52409549

Staat & Co.
PO Box 1072
NL 7940 KB  Meppel
Tel. 00 31 522 240024
Fax. 00 31 522 257894